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Introducing the New Resource Center Website and our New Affiliate program! Many that have signed up for FREE, have been past members of several network gold and silver programs like P.O.W., Numis, KB Gold, SCR, Silver Snowball, & The Bullionaires Club. Join and start earning money today on EVERY product in our store! Everyone who comes to this site is offered a FREE Affiliate Sign Up with Automated Lifetime Referral Tracking with commissions as high as $100.

Click the link on the right “Join Us Today” to get started earning money. Simply Signup to be an Affiliate, Distribute and Advertise the link to your free online store to purchase products and let the automated system process your leads. It’s that simple! Get a friend or family member to help you sell and you can both make money with matching commissions on most products. View our Compensation Plan on the right side for more details.

Commissions through our online affiliate program can be earned on every sale. We want people viewing our site and online store to understand this is strictly an affiliate commissioned sales program. You may take the option to upgrade to a Senior Affiliate at any time.

We are a group working together to help others build their businesses. This Resource Team has been in around since 2001 and recently decided to ad an online store. The Resource Team automated recruiting web site offers educational auto-responders. You are able to learn all about the history of century old silver and gold standards and the failures of many countries who have done away or simply not taken the time to view the facts. On each auto-responder you will understand how we have combined our environmental products, survival products, and weight loss products all in one online store. The store offers income opportunities and security for you and your family in case of an economic or disaster occurrence.

Once you signup in our program, you can instantly start earning a $100 Direct Commission for EVERY Premium Package you personally sell. There are different commission levels based on a two-tier payout. Everything is explained in our Compensation Plan. We know of no other program in the industry that allows you to sign up in the business for FREE and start earning full commissions on services and product purchases that your personally recruited Affiliates buy and sell. Recruit as many as you want! You can start saving precious metals and at the same time earn commissions on the sale of these collector coins, survival products and more.

Saving our environment is very important to the future generations. Just as important, is protecting your family from the negative results of the dollars fluctuating value. Our company believes in showing others how to protect the environment and secure their financial future.

Our team, better referred to as The Pay It Forward Team, has spent many hours to write out the compensation plan in detail with pictorial guides to help you understand how simple this business is. You can start building your business today!

Your main question may be, do I want to provide my family additional protection from economic and environmental disasters? Finally, a chance to earn the very products many in the future will suffer for not having them. The answer is rare silver numismatic coins and bullion. The Numismatic Graded Collector Coins are one of the engines that drives our compensation plan These coins have averaged a 200% greater return than gold. You can view how the Numismatic Collector Coins grew in value since 1986 in Bullion vs Numismatic link.

The Resource team has spent many years of researching and developing tools to build a business. You will receive the free online store and many training videos to help you build your business. There are many opportunities offered in today’s market, but most do not have all the tools for your success. With your success in mind, we have proven solo ad samples pre written for your convenience and locations to advertise.
The widening budget gaps and trading deficits along with the prediction of the depleting value of the U.S. Dollar and stock markets, leaves us to wonder what options do we have. The answer is precious metals, silver, environmental products, survival products and weight loss products. The best part of the program is the residual income from simple affiliate store sales and override sales commissions from all the affiliates you bring to the business. If you are on auto-ship you will receive real silver coins that are very collectible and valuable.

We encourage Veterans, seniors, men and women to become affiliates. If you are interested in growing along with a company expanding rapidly across America we look forward to you joining our team. We do want you to understand you can sign up as a FREE affiliate, sell products and earn commissions by sending others to your store ID to purchase products. You can sign others up through your personal affiliate ID number and receive override commissions on all their sales.

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